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CFO Genie, one of the various forums under the umbrella of CXO Genie, is a network of over 1000 CFOs and a growing community of finance experts, who have come together with the common objective of solving any given problem within 15 minutes. This platform connects CFOs across sectors and industries in India as well as in Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, USA and East Africa. Members here interact with each other to solve business related queries that range from request for sharing contacts of experts, seek advice on financial aspects, to ask for recommendations of consultants, open jobs, candidates etc. and often support one another in personal capacities as well.

Connect with experts and business leaders on the most trusted networking platform to make effective financial decisions for your organization through peer learnings.

Meet some of our CFO Members

Badal Bagri

Raghava Rao

Gopal Mahadevan

Pradeep Sriram

Kedar Upadhye

Rahul Cordeiro

S. Venkataraman

Alok Misra

Aditya Pande

Manish Vora

Rekha Talluri

Ramesh Bafna

Abhishek Gupta

Nalin Negi

Bharat Singh

Kaleeswaran Arunachalam

SG Murali

Manish Dawar

Amit Dalmia

Rohit Anand

Ashish Goenka

Abhishek Gupta

Rashmi Mohanty


Vinay Bansal

Vinay Bansal, Founder & CEO – Inflection Point Ventures, Forum Anchor – Leadership Galactic, is a seasoned turnaround specialist with 22+ years of experience across Fortune 50 companies, private equity funds & startups. A Chartered Accountant, Company Secretary and Cost Accountant by qualification, he has held leadership positions in companies like GE and Hindustan Unilever. He leads the forum and his vision and drive has helped foster a strong and vibrant community of dynamic business leaders.

Why join


By Invitation only- membership is limited to accomplished and like-minded professionals. It is a closed group, with strict privacy adherence


With the insight that CXOs are short on time, every process is aligned to deliver best value for time

Quick Solutioning

Solutions within 15 minutes is supported and enabled by technology and real time connectivity

Professionally Curated

A growing network of about 2000 Senior Industry Professionals, with relevant experience as CFOs, CHROs, CSCOs and CMOs

Relevant and Spam-Free Content

High quality of discussions that are free from spam, advertisement, forwards etc.

Digitally Connected

Enabled by high degree of Technology leverage & Trust, emphasis on members’ data privacy

Networking Opportunities

Meet fellow CXO members and industry experts through our annual networking events


Get free access to the valuable and insightful reports, documents, and videos to make well-informed decisions

CXO Genie App

CXO Genie App is a platform, that the forum uses to leverage the power of technology and enabling solutioning within few minutes of posting the query. We have built it to provide subtle and hassle-free experience while you look for quick outcomes. See the top features and benefits below.

Slide Real-time Solutions Swift replies to any given problem within 15 minutes Slide Member Directory Reach out to any fellow member on your fingertip through inbuilt member directory Slide Hiring Made Easy Browse database or post a role and the AI enabled platform suggests top 3 matches of high-quality talent pre-recommended by CXOs. It’s just a 15 mins thing! Slide Cross Forum Expertise Automatic solutioning/ resolution to cross functional queries Slide Access to Historical Solutions New members get complete view of all past topics discussed prior to their joining Slide Micro-learning Platform Learn from other queries/challenges being solved by fellow CXO members

Join CFO Genie

Eligibility criteria - Anyone who has served in the capacity of a CFO in any tenure of his or her professional journey, is eligible to be a member. CFO role is not restricted to the type of company or industry. It can be a listed company or a start-up or private limited.
To know more about the membership plans and criteria connect with us at 93129 49500

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Core Team

CFO Genie

Vinod Bansal

President CXO Genie

CFO Genie

Latika Arora

VP Finance & Forum Anchor

CFO Genie

Gaurav Nayak

Vice President - BD

CFO Genie

Jay Sampat

Chief Technical Officer

CFO Genie



CFO Genie

Swati Saxena

AVP Operations


MOBILE- +91 93129 49500

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